• 10 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

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If you’re doing several loads of laundry every week, the water, energy, and products (not to mention costs!) will really start to add up. To reduce the environmental impact laundry has, while saving you money on your utility bill at the same time, follow these eco-friendly laundry tips. Simple switches like using cold water rather than hot and changing your detergent can have a big impact when multiplied across the dozens of loads of laundry you do every year. Then, ditch the chemical-filled dryer sheets (don’t worry, there are eco-friendly alternatives!) and try mixing up some DIY homemade cleaning solutions. With these eco-friendly laundry secrets up your sleeve, your clothes will come out looking (and smelling!) just as fresh—but the process will be gentler on both your clothing and the environment. 

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